My 90 Day Body Revolution Weight Loss Challenge Introduction

March 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’d like to welcome everyone to the site. I’d like to give everyone a little introduction on what you can expect to find on One week ago, my wife and I decided to make an impulse purchase and buy Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Weight loss program. We are not typically the shop on tv type of people, however last Sunday that is exactly what we decided to do.

Amber lost nearly 90 pounds with Jillian’s program!

We are both 31 years old, and were recently married in July. We have been together for 4 years and while meeting each other was truly fortunate, it was also havoc on both of our waist lines. We have both struggled with weight out entire lives, however we both managed to work our asses off in the past, literally , and got ourselves into top shape. I have been in peak shape twice, the first while in college as I played soccer, and the second was 2 years after college, when I stopped playing, started drinking and eating like crap and put on so much weight it was time for a change. I followed that up with 2 years of low-carb eating and an addiction to the gym. She became a work-out warrior after college and at best weight she stood at 5′ 7 and weighed 122lbs.

So yes we have tasted the promise land and let me tell you first hand, being in shape is truly everything you think it is and more! We both enjoyed more attention then ever before, life is truly easier and more fun for people in shape. With that being said 4 years of dating, and packing on “love weight” as we so cutely called it, now has us so far from our glory days its crazy. Instead of being two early 30 newly weds, we feel and act like 50 year old couch potatoes, as I’m afraid we allowed ourselves to eat out far too often, like 5 times a week often, haven’t seen the inside of a gym in years, and were too worried hanging with friends, mostly around food, to keep any semblance of being in shape. Long story short, we decided to take the plunge with Jillian Michaels new 90 day body revolution program.

Meet Your Online Coach: TV’s toughest fitness guru’s NEW workout to drop that weight!

This blog will be my running journal of my progress through the program. I’m hoping I can not only use this work out/ weight loss journal as way to stay personally accountable to myself and my readers, as well as maybe help others get some motivation as well.

Monday March 5th we start Day 1 of our 90 day body revolution, which encompasses 15 Workout DVDs and a meal plan. The first 7 days of contains an optional 7 day kick Starter meal plan that we will be participating in, it also has an optional “extra credit” Cardio workout each day. It is my goal to try and follow this plan as closely as possible. One of the biggest challenges for me,is that my job calls for a lot of client dinners, sometimes 3-4 a week, as well as lunches, I will be bringing my lunch and will make a real effort to order diet friendly foods while at dinners. Wish us luck, and we hope to have some of you join us on Jillian Michaels body revolution challenge.


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