Phase I – Day 1 of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Program (7 Day Metabolism Kick Starter)

March 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Today was the first day of the program. For the first week there is an optional 7 day metabolism kick starter plan, that is meant to be used only once in a 90 day cycle. My Wife and I have decided to participate in this 7 day kick starter program.
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In the 7 day phase you eat a no-carb meal plan that consists of 3 meals a day spaced out evenly throughout the day and snack between Lunch and Dinner. The total daily calories per day, during the 7 day kick starter plan, seems to come in right around 1050 calories a day. The booklet gives you 7 days of meal plans, which seems like you can interchange some of the pieces, however we are trying to keep it as close to the program as possible.

Today’s Diet Meal Plan:

Breakfast: 1 cup of Greek low fat yogurt, with cinnamon and almonds.
Lunch: Grilled Salmon, on a mixed green Salad.
Snack: Celery with Almond Butter
Dinner: 4 Oz Steak , with Tomato Salad, and Baby Spinach.

Today’s meal plan was nice and simple to prepare, however we did make our meals the night before, as we both have crazy schedules, and my wife leaves for work at 6am, and I’m not far behind her, but get home later. The food was actually tasty, but if you have been as bad as we us, its a shock to they system. My wife definitely got hungry in the afternoon, to the point where I was gonna tell her to eat something. She doesn’t usually do well with no-carb, and at one point today she was feeling like tired and had a headache. I did ok on the food , as last time I dieted I lost all my weight on extended no-carb diet plan. My schedule unfortunately didn’t allow me to eat my snack between lunch and dinner so I ate it at night.

The Work Outs:

During the Kick Starter Plan, you are to follow the normal week 1 work out plan, however there is an optional second work out every day, in which you can do the Cardio workout. We decided to that, so today we woke up even earlier then normal, and did our main workout before work.(It lasted about 34 minutes including warm up and cool down) It was tough but not crazy, honestly if you are in shape at all, you will probably have no problem at all. I struggled a little bit with the Planks right after the pushups, (man my arms have gotten week), All in all it goes by pretty quick. I did my second work out after dinner, the Cardio DVD was not bad, my biggest issue was my legs are so out of shape that , on the taps and kick outs , I could really feel the burn. The Suicides will be most peoples least favorite, but I must say, I’ve done thousands of those in the past playing soccer so those weren’t to bad for me. Although I’m sure my old coaches would throw up for me if they saw how slow I was towards the end. lol The week 1 cardio work out lasts only 25 minutes so not bad at all.

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Ok guys that’s all for me today, its late and I still have work to do, plus have to wake up soon to do it all over again. 🙂 I was planning on adding a starting post with my weight and measurements, but I can’t right now. I will make sure to do that so we can track progress together. Hope you guys found this little run down of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution helpful! .


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